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Lynn Murphy's Facts

Lynn Murphy's Story

We do branding and marketing by way of storytelling. Until you can truly connect with your customers on an emotional level, they’re just buying you on price. There is no emotional commitment or satisfaction from using your products or services.


What is Business Storytelling?

Business storytelling is an art form used to convey a point and deliver a message to a customer or target audience, with the intention of creating an emotional connection, so your message actually means something to your audience instead of just plain facts. Used properly, it is the most sophisticated form of persuasion, and it gives you the power to connect, convince, and influence your customer’s decision-making process.   


At DuckPunk, we ...

Differentiate businesses

Uncover new possibilities  

C ommunicate your superpower  

Showcase your Knowledge

Position your brand

Erase Uncertainty

Cut through the Noise

Make you Known


How does it work?

Business storytelling is not about telling your life stories. It is about using a specific true story, drawn from your own experience, to deliver a message that is relevant to the point you want to convey to your customers. It can be used effectively on multiple platforms, such as elevator pitches, pitch decks, sales presentations, pitching, marketing peripherals, websites, and last but not least, video. 


Why do I need it?

☑ If your customers don’t know you

☑ If your customers aren’t unclear about your offer 

☑ If you’re not top of your customers’ minds

☑ If your brand is not known or memorable

☑ If your customers are buying you based on price

☑ If you do not have a higher than 50% conversion rate

☑ If your purpose is not front and centered in your brand story


What is a brand story?

A brand story is showcasing the alignment of the core business values, company culture, why you started the business, your purpose, and how your product or service can better the world in some way, all told through a storytelling format. A brand story is about “hi, my company is ABC, and we do xyz, and we’ve been in business for x years.” 

Why not have your story told in a way that your audience can’t wait to give you their money?



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