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“A buying decision is never made based on facts. If you don’t have a story that can convey the transformation you provide to your clients, they will never buy you.” 

– Mellissa Tong, DuckPunk Founder

Here are a few examples of our work … Contact us to get started working with you!

TV Commercials

You can see several of our commercials below.

01 – Home Page – TV Commercials

Nissan, California Dept of Health, Verizon, Li Ning


Here’s an example of how we featured CBS.

02 – Home Page – Corporate



Visit my IMDB page to see more of my films.

03 – Home Page – Films

Touch, Talk to Taka, American Vacation, …


Visit my IMDB page to see more documentaries.

04 – Home Page – Documentaries

Wells Bring Hope, Female Cancer Survivor,
Caring, The Taky Kimura Story

Small Business

We featured an award-winning AC company.

05 – Home Page – Entrepeneurs

Brody Pennell


See how we featured successful entrepreneurs.

06 – Home Page – Small Business

bits and pc’s

Are you ready to use video to expand your business,
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Do you want to have your story told in a way
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