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Business Storytelling: Lynn Murphy Testimonial Video

I have been working with Mellissa and DuckPunk Productions for more than 5 years. It's easy to do business with Mellissa because she is so engaging and approachable. These traits are very important for someone who must extract the essence of your business and be able to improve or create effective marketing campaigns.

Mellissa is very good at this, and also very efficient with my time. The most recent direct mail campaign that she produced for us increased our inbound inquiries by more than 5 times. Mellissa and DuckPunk are worth every one of those 5 stars and more.


Hank Ortiz



I had a coaching session with Mellissa Tong and just wanted to leave a review on what an awesome session it was. Mellissa is an expert storyteller and taught me how to use stories to connect with my clients rather than just with facts. I learned that I can do a 30-60 minute share with my clients from the heart and it can make a huge difference in my elevator pitch. Thank you Mellissa!!


Elizabeth Yang

Founder & Principal

Wow!!! What can I say about Mellissa other than she is absolutely amazing!! I needed someone to help me figure out what my story is for my business, so I called Mellissa. During our initial conversation, I proceeded to convey my story. Upon completion, Mellissa said, "That is not your story. I need you to think about it and dig deeper." After speaking with her, it did take me some time to go through some of my past memories and experiences. When we met again, I shared my thoughts with her, and she agreed. I got my story and she helped me to piece it together. 


Mellissa is smart, patient, professional, and kind. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Her professionalism is unmatched by other companies I have dealt with in the past! Thank you, Mellissa, for everything.


Bernadette Hernandez


Mellissa collaborated with me while I was President of Brody Pennell Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical Contractors Inc., from February 2015 to October of 2020. She produced an excellent video with a complete understanding of our branding and was spot on.  


More importantly, Mellissa is up to date with today's technology, which looms large in today's fast-paced world of video production.


The process was painless. Mellissa is an exceptional coach in making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and helping with the speech/speaking process.

Mellissa is extremely motivated, organized, prepared, reliable, energetic, dedicated, and fair-minded. Mellissa was always quick to respond and followed through to ensure that my concerns were addressed effectively, along with good judgment and always with sincere gratitude. 


Based on my experience working together with Mellissa, I can unreservedly recommend her to you as a well-qualified storyteller and video producer.   


Michael Carson


“Mellissa is professional and knowledgeable. It is obvious that she has a lot of experience with filming. She met with me for a private coaching prior to the video shoot, this session was organized and covered everything that I was nervous about. I liked that it also covered how to present at networking events as well as shooting videos. Mellissa has a calming effect which was very helpful the day of the shoot. She creates a professional environment that is very supportive. I felt like Mellissa was side by side with me through the entire process. It is obvious that she loves what she does and she cares about her clients. You’re in good hands with Mellissa.” 

Kimberly Clapp
Licensed Therapist

Working with Mellissa Tong and DuckPunk Productions has been an invaluable experience. Working with this company helped me bring clarity and focus to my brand and business. She helped me really sharpen and fine tune my message and get really clear on what was missing in order to take my message from one that felt, in some ways, vague or too general to now have a clear focus that captures my audience's attention. The thing that stood out the most for me was that Mellissa and DuckPunk know that branding and marketing is not a 'one size fits all'. 


The information Mellissa gives you can be applied to virtually any business, no matter the field you're in, AND she helps you understand how to apply that message across all marketing platforms. I walked away from the experience with so much information that I applied to my own business and have been getting new clients as a direct result. If you are struggling to grow your business or have reached a plateau and want to take things to the next level, you MUST work with DuckPunk Productions!!


Case Allens


“Mellissa Tong certainly knows what she is doing in the video business. It is clear that she has many years of experience in shooting video for the purpose of showing your best self. Mellissa was clear, focused and had many good suggestions to make your video outstanding and effective. I am very happy to have worked with Mellissa and I am now planning on some long term projects with her that will make my business go to the next level. If you are looking to advance your image and acquire more clients, Mellissa can really help you do just that!”

— Joyce Khoury, Medicare Coach 101

Mellissa was great to work with! She is very professional and comes prepared to generate great results. So happy we found DuckPunk!" 

— Melanie Stroh, Director of Hotel Sales

Working with Mellissa of Duck Punk Productions was a fabulous experience. She took the time to really get to know me and my experiences. We then took that information to create a powerful story that would resonate with my audience. Mellissa is very thorough and always very responsive. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to create a powerful story for their business."

— Gary Howarth, Founder

Connect By Voice

If you are looking for quality work for branding, storytelling, or marketing ideas, Dunk Punk Productions is the way to go! Mellissa puts in the extra time and effort to go in depth and help you figure out what your company needs!

Minhoh Han, Founder

Jam Mosey

“I am a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist and have no experience being on camera. I don’t mind public speaking but when it comes to being in front of a camera I really feel like I’m a deer in headlights. I know the importance of connecting with people through social media and other video platforms but I just dread the thought of doing it. Mellissa has helped me take one step closer to fighting my fear.”

— Dr. Dawn Yoshioka Eberly

"Working with Melissa was so exciting for me as I had been wanting to develop my Brand Story for a while. Melissa told me about how she worked with and helped her clients. She asked me questions and coached me. This made me realize my first creative moment occurred when I was a toddler and was stopped by my mother from having something I wanted. I then told Melissa all of my life long accumulated stops and how I had lost my identity because of these stops thus becoming other than who I truly was. I told her that I had become spiritually and physically incapacitated with Rheumatoid Arthritis because of these stops and had to undergo three joint replacements. And that my “aha” moment occurred during my rehabilitation at age 60- that an artist was buried inside of me and I had to let her out! I began painting, created a website, had exhibits, paint parties, taught children arts and crafts and my art is produced into prints, wearable art, home decor and lifestyle products. I had come full circle This was a rebirth for me. Joy for me and my clients plus creativity for all. Melissa listened and coached! I practiced and rehearsed my story with her guidance and developed my Brand Story and Tagline- Janice King Art- Rebirth. Rejoice. Create. It was truly an awesome, exciting adventure! Thank you Melissa!"

Janice King, Principal

Janice King Art

Why not have your story told in a way that your audience can’t wait to give you their money?



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